Our produce are Mostly from Western Australia and are carefully chosen to make sure we always have the freshest products possible. Our special Yakitori sauce "TARE", which includes selected seasoning from Japan are simmered down with vegetables to make the perfect amount of sweetness.

Our chefs grill meat similar quality to Japanese charcoal. We also have Japanese Izakaya foods which include assorted fresh sashimi, edamame, tataki etc. We put our hearts into every dish to make sure the customers know there getting nothing but the best.


炭火焼き鶏 和食堂では、お客様に最高の状態の焼き鶏を召し上がっていただく為、西オーストラリアの新鮮な鶏肉と野菜を使用し、日本製に近い良質な炭で部位ごとに焼き加減を調節しご提供できるよう心掛けております。


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